Monday, January 18, 2021


The 2014 Legislative Session adjourned at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 16.  Over the course of the legislative session, 1,760 bills were filed in both the House and Senate.  An additional 85 Joint Resolutions were filed in both chambers.

When session adjourned, 184 bills were Truly Agreed and Finally Passed.  Six House and Senate Joint Resolutions were also adopted.  These Joint Resolutions will now go to the voters in upcoming primary or general election dates.

When session convened in early January, House and Senate leadership announced a number of priority issues which they hoped to address over the course of the session.  This included measures dealing with the student transfer issue in unaccredited school districts, a proposed transportation sales tax, corporate and personal income tax changes and several union related initiatives.   The House and Senate were able to move forward on a number of their priorities during the session. 

Key among those issues was the passage of significant income tax reform contained in SB 509.  This bill received much attention when the House and Senate overrode Governor Jay Nixon's veto of SB 509 prior to the end of session.  The tax reductions contained in SB 509 do not become effective for three years.  The impact of the proposal has yet to be determined but is already raising concern among education and social service organizations.

The Governor has until July 14 to either sign or veto legislation passed this session.  The Governor may also allow bills to take effect without his signature if he elects to do so.  The effective date of all legislation, unless it contained an Emergency Clause, is August 28, 2014.  If the bill contains an Emergency Clause, then that bill or those particular sections will take effect upon the Governor's signature.

Following are particular items of interest which we followed over the course of the session.  Also attached to this is a summary of bills which were Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed this session as well as a Bill Summary and Status Report of all legislation we tracked for you this session.  If you have particular questions about any issues, please give me a call.

Over the course of the session, we have reported on provisions contained in HB 2116 dealing with law enforcement and emergency personnel and the changes contained in the bill commonly referred to "killed in the line of duty" provisions.  Over the course of the session HB 2116 was working its way through the process but was not able to pass on its own.  However, supporters of the changes contained in HB 2116, included those provisions into several other bills.  The bills include SB 777 and SB 852. 

SB 777 was taken up and passed by the House on Thursday during the last week of session and sent back to the Senate.  With time running out, the bill was not taken up in the Senate before session adjourned. 

SB 852 had a broader title dealing with public safety and attracted a lot of amendments in both the House and Senate.   As the sponsors in both chambers negotiated a conference committee substitute for SB 852, the "killed in the line of duty" provisions were kept in the final CCS for HCS for SB 852. 

HB 1468 dealt with nonprofit veteran organizations that have volunteers providing services without compensation being exempt from workers compensation laws.  When the bill was taken up in the Senate it had some good language in the bill but one was adopted the plaintiffs’ attorneys opposed.   The bill went back to the House who would not accept all of the Senate amendments.  The bill did not receive final approval before adjourning.

As you’ll recall we also followed SB 526 during the session.  When the bill was debated in the House it picked up several House amendments which were detrimental to the bill.  Rather than try to negotiate a compromise on the problematic amendments, Senator Mike Cunningham allowed his bill to sit on the calendar with no action taken on the House amendments.   The bill failed to pass.  

Thank you for allowing us the privilege to represent the association again this session.  If you have questions about any of the legislation, please feel free to contact the office.    



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